Helena Stories

After 3 weeks of a variety of Activities and field trips, the SUSI Scholars visited Helena today. One can have a huge amount of information just with a click on the net, or by reading any book about it.

I was in charge of the blog today, I was ready to take the maximum notes, but during our visit to the capitol building, I was impressed by Mr.Dallas Miller, the Historical Society officer who narrated to us the story of every single corner in the building.
As I had noticed on one of the paintings that says: “We know the culture through stories spoken by mothers to children on reservations and in immigrant communities”. I would say, that we can learn about a place or people either from the Internet or books, but we cannot feel connected to the story, except when told by someone who lived the experience.

We were really lucky to have Mr.Miller, who had the privilege to be guided by a man who knew Mrs.Manfield when she was studying at the university. I felt we were having accurate information. About many events that are related to Montana.

Our visit to Helena was also remarkable as we were introduced to State Government, and we were honored meeting Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who demonstrated great interest and satisfaction in the field of Education, as he stated that the majority of kids at school have access to free breakfast at school, as for the integration of technology in education, his reply was quite wise for he gives priority to the transition between K-12 and higher education with the chance to have free online courses to learn any foreign language.

Our visit to helena did not stop at the official visits, but we alsso had the opportunity to explore the Missouri River by boat to see the Gates of mountains and learn more about the Lewis and Clark expedition. It was also a relaxing journey as a story was told by the tour guide.
Indeed we have many stories to hear these couple of days, as we will go to the History Museum and there is no one better than Thomas , our coursemate and a HIstory teacher, who will tell us a nice story.

By Kheira Mezough, Algeria


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