20 June, 2015 15:53

oday is Friday, June 19

By Khurshed, Tajikistan

Hello everyone,

I am writing my blog. Sorry about date, 12-35am, Saturday, June 20. Time passes so quickly. All scholars as usually like to get up early and go to the Food Zoo
which has a variety of coffee drinks and juices, soups, an extensive salad bar, fresh fruits and so many choices of meals, but on Friday it was closed when
I and three scholars went there. Because of broken pipe it will be closed till Monday. Then we went to its temporary place which is the University Bookstore and
had breakfast there. At 8-00am we all scholars were in NAC 103 where Sydney met us to go over today’s sessions. Mel also was and apologized for the Food Zoo that
has been repairing. She explained us about volunteer manual, asked us to fill in some options that will be the same time on Sunday, June 21. One of them Shopping
with Sean and the second is hiking with Mel and Pat. I have chosen a hiking because I will be able to buy things in my country where much cheaper. But if you buy
something in the USA, it will sound.
At 8-30 Dr. Andrea Vernon came and told us about the role of civic engagement and volunteerism in the USA society. She talked about an introduction to service
learning pedagogy and the role that volunteerism can play in different approaches to education. We mindfully listened to her. She showed us some records and slides.
During her session she was conducting it smoothly. It was great. Also she asked the questions the group of mine and the scholars answered them and the scholars
asked her questions too. At 10-00am her session was over. Kanisius and Sabankilie asked me to lead them to Exchange bookstore and shop books after lunch.
At 10-00am Sydney, Pat and Sean drove us the scholars to the Poverello Center. At the Poverello Center Anastasia Bakos met and told us about the Poverello Center that
provides food, shelter, help, and hope to Missoula’s homeless and underserved populations. They have many services dedicated to serving those in need, including
short-term emergency shelter, veteran housing, hot meals and pantry services, bathroom and shower facilities, medical services, support groups, mail and phone
services, and multiple educational classes. After talking she asked us to sign in the Group Volunteer form we did it voluntarily. She divided us into two groups. All
scholars were active, and worked conscientiously and tirelessly. We cleaned the mattresses, washed floors and so on. It was great. I was surprised. At 12-30pm we
finished our volunteer work and drove back to Pantzer Hall.
At 12-50pm I went out to the behind of Pantzer Hall and met Thomas, Kanisius and Sabankilie were talking there about something and I asked them they told me that
they want to go the Mansfield library to phone their families. I joined them too. We went there and met Deena who was printing on that time. She explain us dial how
to call. I talked with my mother. Kanisius could not talked with his family. Sabankilie could dial and talked with somebody and repeated it several times. Then we
rode to the one dining room to have lunch. When I came to the table Sabankilie was complaining about expensive food, Kanisius laughed. Then I told Sabankilie some
stories of my personal life and problems in order to calm down, but no reaction. Eventually I reassured him. After lunch we watched an American Football Game in the
field. Also I talked with a coach of team.
At 5-30 I with Sabankilie and Kanisius rode to the shops of books. Many choices of books in the shops. We spent there about four hours and bought books which we need.
We rode back to Pantzer Hall at 9-40pm. At 11pm Surya came to me and helped me with his camera which I borrowed in the morning in order to take some group photos our
spent time of day. I said to him many thanks. June 19 was great.
Many thanks!


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