Exploring Yellowstone National Park

By Liriett Herrera Viquez, Panama

At 7: 45 as kids on their first day of class the scholars were ready to start this new adventure to the Yellowstone Park.  But Yellowstone will be our final destination before we reach there we have to drive to discover the beauties that the State of Montana has to offer us. Certainly, those amazing mountains and clouds that were guiding us as sentinel of a majestic beauty were witness of our fascinating trip.

liriett liriett1

After a couple of hours we were reaching our first destination the city of Butte. Butte was one of the largest cities in the Rocky Mountains in the late 1800s and early 1900s.   Late in the 19th century and about 1920, it was one of the largest and most notorious copper boomtowns  in the American West. We observed historic buildings that prove of the importance that this city used to have. We have perceived why Berkeley pit is consider an environmental hazard site. But also we have to recognize that this pit is one of the city’s biggest attractions.

liriett2 liriett3

After a short stop we continue our trip to our next destination the city of Bozeman. As all the cities we have seen before in Montana, Bozeman has its own western beauty with nice buildings and beautiful spots. But this city was just the stop before our last destination of the day the Chico Hot Springs Resort. As the gateway of the Yellowstone Park this hotel offers us the opportunity to enjoy the amazing surrounding views as well as their famous Hot Springs pools.

liriett4 liriett5

Of course I have to mention the preparation for the masterpiece of this trip our tour to Yellowstone Park. This preparation was in charge of Mr. Simon Buzzard an instructor and administrator of the Ecology Project International a Missoula non-profit organization. Mr. Simon gave us an overview of the wolf management in Yellowstone and other important aspects related to the introduction to the wolf in the park. Well, now we are equipped for our next exiting trip! After some different activities, we were ready to sleep dreaming with our next adventure……………..


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