Sab’s Post (12th June 2015)


The 12th Day of the SUSI 2015 UM started as usual with the break fast that was scheduled from 7h00 to 8h00 am at the Food Zoo. After the breakfast, participants congregated to the NAC 103 where the day’ s activities were scheduled to start from 8H15 . Mel and Pat were already and as soon as the participants got seated, Mel opened the day’ s agenda by giving a quick information on the orientation about the home stay precisely about the different time schedules for departures to the host families. After that she gave the floor to Pat who did a quick review of the agenda of the day. We still had a little time before the real start of the first session that was scheduled for 8h30 to 10h00. We just filled this gap by watching a short You Tube Video entitled ‘ Comedy Club; speak English. It was shared by Corina from Moldova.
The first session started at 8H30 prompt with the presentation of Dr Beverly Ann Chin on the strategies that Improve students’ competence and confidence. She opened her session by asking a general question on what the definition of writing was. After some reaction to this question by the participants ,she distributed some hand outs bearing the slides of her power point presentation and instructed the participants to follow her on the slides as she explains the different points of the presentation. The first slide focused on the strategies that can help students Improve their writing, and also defined the purpose for writing and the audience to which the writing is meant for. She continued by giving examples of effective writing. To make it more practical the presenter paired the participants and asked them to review some short paragraphs and then get into fours to share their work. After the presenter concluded her presentation with slides on how to assess writing and also suggested the attitude teachers should adopt when teaching writing. Participants also got another hand out dealing with writing and were also guided to a website for further readings on writing. This session ended at 10h00.
From 10H05 to 11h00 , participants listened to Mel and Deena coming back on the home stay in details. Participants took advantage in this session to wish a happy birth day to Rajendra, a colleague from Mauritius with a big Birth Day cake that was shared among us. After that ,many participants gave their impression in the week in review episode and high lighted the moment that were kind of remarkable to them in one aspect or the other. Deena also came over the follow up projects and explained in details what was actually expected from participants. She didn’t forget to remind participants of what they needed to include into the end of week evaluation of the final evaluation in order to help them better the program if need be. She also reminded to partipants the Dos and Donts during the weekend home stay in American families. After 11h00 , all the participants were invited to join in a lunched with the ELI teachers at the university center from 11h30 . Participants knowing their different time schedules with their host families immediately came back to Pantzer Hall to get ready and wait for their host family to come and pick them in that afternoon. This is the movie of the Day 12 of the SUSI 2015 UM.
Please, I will add some pictures when they are ready. Thank you.


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