Education Can Change the World

By Anita Flores Casanova, Chile

Nelson Mandela said that “Education is the only weapon that can change the world” and I think it is totally true.

Today, all scholars had the opportunity to visit Big Sky High School and in doing so together with my colleagues from Panama and Honduras could realize that Mandela was not wrong.Here there’s a particular teacher dedicated not only to teach Spanish but to develop critical thinking on his students.
Spanish learners are managing the foreign language and also opening their minds to know what is happening beyond their borders.
The Spanish classroom is full of History, pictures, posters, books and all kinds of stuff that allow students to analize and comprehend better Spanish speaking countries’ culture and have a deep understanding of social processes related to them.

In addition to this, the History teacher moderated a discussion activity based on the ideals of Rights, Equality, Liberty, Opportunity and Democracy. Students agreed and disagreed while showing respect to others’ opinion.

Happily I can say that teachers in this school are in the right path which totally inspired me today. Contents must be taught in context and students must be allowed to know more than verbs and words in isolation.

A more aware generation is required to make the difference. More capable teachers who facilitate learning in context are needed to develop the new competences on students which are needed to deal with the demands of the coming society.

No doubt, there would be many weapons to fight all wars but Education is the only one that would change the world.

Anita Flores Casanova
EFL Teacher & Teacher Trainer
Coordinadora Programa PIAP- Mineduc
Centro de Desarrollo Profesional Docente


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