Blog Post for Saturday 06/06/15

By Surya Prasad Ghimire, Nepal
The Fifth Day: At a Glance

Hello, everyone!
I’m Surya Prasad Ghimire, a High School Teacher from Nepal.
As usual after breakfast, we went to Adams Center with one of the program staff, Sydney to attend the graduation ceremony of Big Sky High School. As we approached the hall we saw a large crowd of parents of the school graduates anxiously waiting for the program to commence. Soon the program commenced as we expected. There was no much formalities. After the commencement remarks, the graduates were honored one by one. The program was concluded within an hour.

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As a whole it was a great opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony of Big Sky High School. I felt honored to be a part of the graduation ceremony. I’ve never been to such a program before. In Nepal, we don’t have school graduation ceremony. However, we have graduation ceremony in universities. The program was short and sweet, with no more formality.


After the graduation ceremony, we went to Food Market, observed the stalls there, had our lunch and then came back to Pantzer Hall.


In the evening some of us went hiking to nearby mountain. We really enjoyed the hiking despite being much exhausted. The scenery of Missoula has lured all SUSI Scholars.

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Indeed, like previous days, we enjoyed the fifth day as well. The fifth day remained most remarkable as we (SUSI Scholars) got opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony of Big Sky High School. Visiting Food Market and going hiking both were very exciting and memorable in the lives of SUSI Scholars. What I like most about the program is the way the program team treats the SUSI Scholars and encourage them to participate actively in each fun activity as well as academic sessions all the time.

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