The First Weekend of SUSI Scholars

After a week of Exciting and inspiring activities, SUSI scholars did not stay late in bed during the weekend, they were much more excited about the Ropes and climbing wall at Mc Cormick Park in Missoula Marks in Recreation.

Right from the beginning we were engaged in a group activity designed in a sort of 3 islands. We all had to move to the other islands crossing a delicate bridge that we had to build with 2 pieces of wood. It was funny and very interesting as we had a leader and we all collaborated to keep everybody safe, so we listened to eachothers while trying to solve the problem using our critical thinking skills. Assuming our responsibility as a member of the team and trusting the others wer key elements to our success.

The team member went through more individual challenging activities, where most of the participants demonstrated commitment, self-confidence and self challenge.

It was just amazing.

By Kheira Mezough


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