Fifth of June

By Bernadette Wahkam Ngayap, Cameroon

Hi Dear SUSI Scholars !!

Another  great  day for SUSI participants. I greatly admire the carefully and well planned program of the day, beginning with academics, which ushers us into evaluation of the weekly activities and a constructive feedback.

A good teacher  must evaluate his/herself and students every week in order to evaluate performance. I greatly admire the constructive feedback strategy from the Team leaders. This will help to improve competence both in the teacher and  students as well. I hope to follow this example when I return home.

“THE NEED TO KNOW” Idea is very enriching, because the 5 minutes presentation, gave us the opportunity to get to know each other and learn from what and how we are doing in our different countries. With this we learn from one another, those techniques and strategies that we use that can  help solve problem areas for others.

The introduction of ART IN MISSOULA by David Wilson, acts as a bridge from  the usual activities to outdoor societal  interactions where we have to learn and experience the American culture.This is the most exciting and amazing part of today’s program because it has successfully taken learning out of the classroom. As Teachers we all know that visual aids are the most effective tool for successful learning to take place.

David shared his experience  and  his  reflections on the national arts trend and he escorted the group to visit the various galleries and The Missooula Art Museums, Together we saw and admired the blend of natural beauty and nature of America, the gentle and smiling people of Missoula,  the beautiful and well structured city, the music, street performers, the beautiful drawings, paintings, works of arts,   snacks on tables in every hall  portrayed the beauty and warmth of the American people.

THE FIRST FRIDAY GALLERY NIGHT. Gives another dimention to the already existing blend of cultural diversity. Unlike in other countries where dictatorship and freedom is forbidden, I learnt that simplicity, punctuality, and open mindedness, were part of the people’s lifestyle.

There was no distinction between the Old, young, or children. I really admired this lovely way of life.

I have learnt and will take back home lessons drawn from the first Friday night that brings people together to enjoy the beauty of art, nature and leisure. I will encourage sharing,  kindness, generosity  and politeness with my fellow Cameroonians when I return home.

I will like to thank the entire SUSI coordinators and the US Government, for giving me this unique opportunity to  experience this wonderful  and  amazing first Friday evening. I had the privilege  to speak and share ideas with Native speakers of American English. This I will never forget,  made 2 good friends at the Water shed net work gallery and my friend Kelly and his mother, on my way back  to Pantzer Hall. IT WAS GREAT.

Best Regards,


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