My Ideas About the 3rd

By Siemeen Fayez, Afghanistan

Hi everybody,

These are my idea about 3rd of June !!

Thank you

I am Siemeen Fayez an English teacher from Afghanistan, Heart.

I am one of participants of SUSI program in the US.

It was the first day of our program in Montana, Missoula city, that I want to share my idea in this weblog.

sentinelAfter breakfast we went to Sentinel High School to visit the education system and participate in different classes about the history of United States.

I know it is very difficult to compare the system of here with my country because Afghanistan has passed very bad situation for more than three decades and could not improve in many aspects, especially in the education system.

In the classes there are many materials that students can use for more understanding and good knowledge, but in my home our students do not have these tools and opportunities to learn well.

groupOne important thing is that everybody in the US has freedom, so the students have every kind of liberty in their classes, they can eat during the lesson, sit wherever they want, wear different clothes ….etc, but in my country it is so different. Students do not have this freedom and it caused them to escape from the schools and dislike the system of education.

I saw  the student are eager to participate in the history classes to know about their background, but in Afghanistan a few students like and know very well about their history because there is nothing else expect war and war in our history books.

lodge groupThe other one that I enjoyed a lot was about the education curriculum of here. All the students know about it that how a teacher should teach and how the students react towards their class mates and their teachers,
but in my home most of the teachers do not understand how to use their plan in their classes. So I saw how this country is different form ours.

After visiting this school we went to the Montana Island Lodge Lake. In this place we had class with the Academic Director Dr. Rob Saldin about liberty, equality, lodgeself-government, individualism, and the American dream. The thing that like, was when American speaks about their history and about their background very proudly, they also speak about the issue
which is not good for the people or it makes problems in their country.  In fact all the people of here do as they think or believe. They want a unique society and excellent history with best culture in the world.


2 thoughts on “My Ideas About the 3rd

  1. Hi Siemenn,
    At a time when my students are writing about how systems contribute to knowledge, we read your blog. It was very insightful for my students to hear how the conditions of your educational system influences students’ learning of knowledge. I hope for improvements in your education system. It saddens us to hear these truths. But without these truths, we can not learn how to act in order to promote change. Thanks, Nancy and English 2 students


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